Aluminum or PVC windows in Mallorca, which one to choose??

Quality aluminum or PVC doors and windows. Which option to choose?

Are you looking for aluminum or PVC doors and windows?? quality in Mallorca, but you don't know which one to choose. In this article we discuss the advantages of each material and its most common applications..

The quality aluminum doors and windows in Mallorca They have outstanding features. It is a very common material, which rivals PVC. Both have gained weight over time., hence, even, They have displaced other options, like wood. But which one to choose from the two? We tell you.

What are the characteristics of aluminum?

Whether in aluminum doors or windows, metal has a series of qualities that you should know. The main one is its resistance to both shocks and the passage of time., which is possible due to the structure of the material. It is able to withstand corrosion and heavy loads without bending, which makes it very suitable for construction.

The aluminum stands out in aesthetics, since its appearance is modern and elegant. It is also very easy to model and combine with all types of colors.. They are essential features to adapt, If necessary, to a facade.

What are the characteristics of PVC?

As for the quality PVC doors and windows in Mallorca, They have equally interesting qualities.. Despite being made of a special type of plastic, Polyvinylchloride (PVC) This offers you very high resistance and durability. Keep in mind that it does not deform when exposed to heat., does not conduct electricity and withstands rapid temperature changes, No problem. Even, provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.

The PVC does not require intensive maintenance, since it does not rust and it is not necessary to renew the paint. It also does not peel or chip over time, and in the aesthetic section, fits in different kinds of paints, styles and finishes. So it fits, without problems, to the facade and the decoration that you have chosen for your home.

Puertas y ventanas de aluminio o PVC de calidad. ¿Qué opción escoger?
Quality aluminum or PVC doors and windows. Which option to choose?

What is the appropriate option?

When choosing between aluminum or PVC joinery in Mallorca, the important thing is your needs and preferences, since both materials provide you with very similar characteristics. Both require low maintenance., They provide good energy efficiency and are resistant. They even look alike, As far as aesthetics are concerned, being able to adapt to all types of environments in a simple way.

Nevertheless, There are some characteristics in which they differ and that may be enough to decide a choice.. For example, the profiles of the PVC doors and windows They are usually thicker, which may make it difficult to adjust to some formats. In addition, the cost of aluminum is higher, if compared to its PVC alternative.

Aluminum has different qualities, which varies depending on the brand you choose. And don't forget the aesthetics that each type offers you. Although it is similar, finishes vary, as well as the thicknesses of the profiles. Therefore, remember these circumstances when making the decision.

Both aluminum and PVC windows provide you with outstanding features. They are two resistant materials, durable and low maintenance. However, when choosing, the price and the possibilities of adapting to your needs make the difference.

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