Thermal break (RPT) What is, which has benefits?

Thermal break (RPT) What is, which has benefits?

In the universe of aluminum carpentry, the thermal break (RPT) stands out as the key to efficiency and comfort. This innovative technique strategically affects windows and aluminum doors to offer unparalleled climate control. Given its importance, in this article, We will explore what the benefits of RPT are and talk about its fundamental role in creating welcoming and efficient spaces.

What is thermal break?

As experts in the sector, We could say that it is a technology that redefines excellence in aluminum carpentry and, in fact, stands as the backbone of innovation in this sector. This technical term refers to the strategic disruption of thermal conduction between the internal and external parts of doors and aluminum windows.

In other words, is the ingenious solution that prevents cold or heat from being transmitted from one side to the other, offering effective climate control.

How does RPT benefit aluminum windows??

The aluminum windows, although known for their durability and modern aesthetics, can present a challenge in terms of thermal insulation. It is here where the thermal break enters to scene, since this ingenious process not only improves energy efficiency, but also provides greater comfort at home by avoid sudden changes in temperature.

This is why if you decide to buy aluminum windows, You must be aware that the presence of RPT will make a difference and you will obtain a comprehensive solution that combines durability and thermal efficiency. It should also be noted that this type of window is not only resistant, but also contributes significantly to the reduction of energy costs over time.

Rotura de puente térmico con relleno de espuma
Rotura de puente térmico en ventana abatible

Optimization of aluminum doors with RPT

The aluminum doors They are key points in the safety and aesthetics of any space.. And, besides, the thermal break, not only the structural resistance is reinforced, but also reduces temperature transfer. This means that if you bet on this door model you will get a Cozier home in winter and a cool atmosphere in summer, all thanks to the ability of this technology to maintain an exemplary thermal balance.

Thus, the efficient RPT technology in aluminum doors is, in essence, the key to open the doors to exceptional thermal comfort, setting a new standard in the amalgamation of security, aesthetics and well-being In the home.


In summary, the thermal break It is presented as the beacon of efficiency in aluminum carpentry, as we have been able to verify. Both on windows and doors, This technology not only increases the longevity of the products, but also substantially improves thermal well-being in our daily spaces.. By opting for windows and aluminum doors with RPT, you can invest, without a doubt, in a more comfortable home, efficient and sustainable long-term.

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