What enclosure options do glass curtains offer in Mallorca??

Glass curtains in Mallorca. A brilliant idea for decorating your home

Among the wide variety of enclosures that exist in the market, choose glass curtains in Majorca It is a very interesting current trend for the enclosure of open spaces. In order to get the best results, In this article we explain what these curtains consist of and what options they provide for closing and decorating spaces..

What are glass curtains and what are their most outstanding characteristics?

Son glass sheets transparent, adaptable to all types of environments, who have the task of closing open spaces in order to use them throughout the year. They have a certain thickness and are installed in both lower and upper frames. Nevertheless, They are only joined on the side.

Characterized, thus, for achieving a visual effect similar to that of curtains, hence its name, having no cuts or interruptions. So, stand out for offering a attractive image of uniformity.

It is important to highlight that, plus functionality, confer a high aesthetic value to the decoration due to its minimalist and elegant appearance. Thus, from a decorative point of view, the placement of glass curtains is an ideal solution for generate exclusive environments.

Allows you to make the most of natural light, creating very bright spaces. At the same time, provide a panoramic view, no elements obstructing views, as is the case with other types of aluminum and PVC enclosures. In the event of rain or wind, you can close an area, depending on the direction of the wind or rain, without the need to shield the entire space.

Equally, you will save on cleaning, since when choosing to open or close a space, it will not be filled with dust or dirt, as can happen on very windy days. Finally, It deserves your attention that they provide security if you have small children or in the event of a possible robbery, given that tempered glass has an impact resistance multiplied by three compared to that of conventional glass.

Glass curtains in Mallorca. A brilliant idea for decorating your home
Glass curtains in Mallorca. A brilliant idea for decorating your home

What enclosure options do glass curtains offer??

If you are interested in adding comfort to your home, for example, being able to close a terrace or porch as if it were a balcony or a specific area of ​​the garden, with this innovative element without profile you will take advantage of natural light without submitting to inclement weather.

This type of enclosure is ideal for taking advantage of, for example, on terraces “chill out” or in restaurants and leisure venues that wish to highlight the panoramic views. You can choose between folding or sliding doors.

Having a noise free business is always beneficial and these curtains provide an excellent acoustic isolation. They offer a high thermal isolation, so your place will have a closed space at a pleasant temperature to eat, have dinner or organize activities related to your business.

As you see, if you are thinking of closing an open space, you should consider installing glass curtains in Majorca. As specialists in the sector, We encourage you to contact us so that we can advise you in a personalized way and without obligation.. Ask us!


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