Enclosure of terraces and attics with aluminum, PVC or crystal curtains

Enclosure of terraces and attics with aluminum, PVC or crystal curtains

The terrace, and also the attic, They are spaces open to the outside that represent an added value for your home on a functional level.. A plus al than, in many cases, we don't get the most out of it. As experts in the installation of terrace enclosures and attic enclosures, We suggest you value this option.

Why close your attic or outdoor terrace?

One of the arguments that most clients use when asking us for advice on terrace enclosures is that they need to gain a few extra meters for their home.. The same thing happens with the attic., that sometimes we turn into a kind of storage room where we put everything that hinders us and we do not usually use daily.

Closing these outdoor spaces will give you privacy, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. Y, of course, protection against rain and other weather factors. However, With this decision you will be giving up having a place for recreation where you can enjoy a meal outdoors or practice activities such as gardening.

Cerramiento de terrazas y áticos con aluminio, PVC o cortinas de cristal
Enclosure of terraces and attics with aluminum, PVC or crystal curtains

What should you take into account?

An important advice that you should not ignore: before giving the green light to this project, You must make sure you have the permission of your community of neighbors to close the terrace or attic. It is also convenient that you consult the urban planning of your municipality to check if it is allowed or not. Factors such as the maximum height allowed, or if it implies an increase in buildability, can be determinative.

Why choose glass curtains?

The glass curtains are among the most demanded alternatives, since they give a feeling of spaciousness and favor good natural lighting. This directly implies the possibility of saving on the energy bill. Besides, bring elegance and distinction. It may be the most expensive option, but you will see that the final result is worth it. In addition, this gives you the option of enclosing your terrace or attic completely or just a part.

Why choose glass curtains?
Why choose glass curtains?

What are the advantages of aluminum carpentry??

If you decide to install aluminum doors premium or aluminum windows premium to close your terrace or attic, you will be investing in a safe bet. This metal provides great resistance, it is highly recyclable and guarantees a long service life. To this we must add that it is somewhat cheaper and requires little maintenance..

You will have the possibility to personalize your space, since, to these structures distributed in beams and crosspieces, you can add other materials, such as glass or polycarbonate, and choose the color you want.

What can PVC carpentry bring you??

The policloruro vinyl It resists weather conditions and wear and tear very well., so it is a very durable material. It is also quite cheap. PVC carpentry for enclosures in outdoor spaces is in high demand, since it guarantees good thermal and acoustic insulation. Equally, this polymer can be adapted to multiple decorative styles.

As professionals in terrace and attic enclosures, these are the options that we recommend. You can contact us if you need advice.


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