Aluminum and PVC windows in Mallorca. Thermal isolation

Aluminum and PVC windows in Mallorca. Thermal isolation

The installation of aluminum and PVC windows in Majorca are a trend, as they contribute to thermal insulation, among other benefits. There is a wide variety of types and, besides, There are public aids for the change of wooden windows, or with poor thermal insulation to aluminum or PVC. If you are interested, continue reading.

What are the types of aluminum or PVC windows?

Energy efficiency is a factor that, currently, It is of the utmost importance in the fight against climate change.. Besides, the isolation
thermal with aluminum or PVC windows
is one of the most outstanding benefits of this type of window. Aluminum and PVC is present in the following models:

  • Slide. The sheets slide horizontally.
  • Folding, also called practicable. The leaves open on the side.
  • swing. The window opens at an angle inwards.
  • tilt-and-turn. The opening can be both internally and laterally inclined.
  • Oscilloscope. It is a combination between the sliding and the inclined.
  • Swivel. The window panes revolve around a central axis.
  • Combined. The sheets can be opened with different formats in the same window, as slider, fija in osciloparallel, among other.

The choice the window model depends on your tastes, but you can not stop considering the decorative style of your house. However, always consult a specialized company such as ALUMIGLASS to advise you.

Ventanas de aluminio y PVC en Mallorca. Aislamiento térmico
Aluminum and PVC windows in Mallorca. Thermal isolation

Is there public aid for the installation of aluminum windows in the Balearic Islands??

The crisis that originated in 2020 due to the pandemic caused the European Union to create an economic aid package for different economic sectors of the Member States. This recovery plan for Europe is called NextGenerationEU?. Between the aid that it contains is the rehabilitation of homes.

One of the actions that can be subsidized are the actions that are aimed at reducing the energy consumption of cooling and heating by up to 30 %. Thus, The cost of installing aluminum and PVC windows to achieve greater thermal insulation is eligible.

The Aid for changing windows in the Balearic Islands are from 40 % of the cost of the action, with a minimum investment of 1000 € and with a maximum limit of 3000 €.

Can the energy rating be improved in the ITE?

The Technical Inspection of Buildings It is a system of control of the buildings of obligatory character and, besides, is based on ratings taking into account the state and condition of the property.

One of the issues that are valued is energy efficiency. Thus, install aluminum or PVC windows to achieve greater thermal insulation in the Community of owners It can be a good decision to improve the previous grade of the building. Otherwise, the mentioned control can be unfavorable and, therefore, incur economic expenses derived.

In conclusion, las aluminum and PVC windows in Majorca They are increasingly in demand due to their numerous advantages and, besides, greater energy efficiency is achieved and, therefore, greater savings on the electricity bill.


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