mosquito nets in summer, the ideal complement for windows

mosquito nets in summer, the ideal complement for windows

Are you looking for a solution to annoying insects?? Summer in Mallorca is synonymous with heat and it is the time when mosquitoes proliferate the most. That's why, We want to offer you in this article all the information you need about mosquito nets for aluminum and PVC windows, an element that will become your best ally at this time of year.

What types of mosquito nets for windows are there??

But, are there different types of mosquito nets? Of course! Depending on the windows in which you are going to put them and what you are looking for with them, one or the other will be better for you. Then, we explain the differences most important among them.

  • fixed mosquito nets: They are the easiest of all. These elements can be placed in your aluminum or PVC windows in places where you will not need to move them as, for example, the garage or storage room.
  • Mosquito sliding: They are similar to the simple, but they have a mechanism so they can move from one side of the window to the other. For them to work correctly, it is essential that the windows are well measured.
  • Mosquiteras enrollables: In this case, this element works as a blind or blind. It has a box at the top in which the mosquito net is rolled up.
  • pleated mosquito nets: They are an interesting alternative if you do not want this element to occupy a lot of. These mosquito nets can be moved from one side to the other and fold accordion-shaped for when you don't want to use them. They are usually used for slightly larger windows.
What are the best materials for mosquito nets in Mallorca??
What are the best materials for mosquito nets in Mallorca??

What are the best materials for mosquito nets in Mallorca??

The price will depend on the material with which it is built on the size of the mosquito net. To choose the best option, It is recommended that you know which are the most used materials:

  • Fiberglass: It is the lightest option that exists and one of the best valued. This material is resistant to UVA rays and, besides, allows air to enter.
  • Metal mesh: If you are looking for a harder and safer material for your window, metal is the most interesting choice for you.
  • Polyester: In this case, we are talking about the cheapest material, although that does not mean that it is not resistant. It is usually very durable.

What advantages do these elements offer??

The mosquiteras offer different benefits to your home. Do you know any of them?.

  • Not only are they going to prevent the entry of mosquitos, also of others insects like spiders or pollillas.
  • You can ventilate the rooms of your house without having to worry about anything else. Thanks to the mesh, allow air in and block out insects.
  • They are very easy to install, so they avoid the annoying problem of insect entry without having to carry out works or large outlays.

how could you see, las mosquito nets in Aluminum windows and pvc They offer you very interesting advantages for the comfort and care of your family home.

Now you just have to choose the type that best suits your needs and start enjoying the benefits it brings you.. Mosquitoes will never be a problem again!!

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