Quality aluminum doors in Mallorca

Mallorcan doors and windows of quality aluminum and PVC in Mallorca

Mallorcan doors and windows are a type of carpentry that has an exciting history. With origins on the island of Majorca from which it takes its name, They had great success in America during colonization thanks to its properties.

Besides, Mallorcan doors and windows were a symbol of power and status. Over the years they reached new markets such as the British, in this case for the most humble homes. Currently, They are a complement to the glasses that provide great protection against the weather.

What are Mallorcan windows and doors?

The Mallorcan aluminum and PVC windows and doors At mallorca They are made up of an exterior frame and a series of horizontal slats that allow air and light to pass through them.. Their position also allows them to provide privacy inside the room.. These models are usually located on the outside of the glass. Depending on the mobility of the slats, two different models can be distinguished.:

  • Lama fia: The inclination of the slat cannot be adjusted.
  • Mobile slat: It can be regulated to control the entry of light and air, even close it completely.
Puertas y ventanas mallorquinas de aluminio y PVC de calidad en Mallorca
Mallorcan doors and windows of quality aluminum and PVC in Mallorca

How are they manufactured?

Originally these models were made of wood., but currently there are other materials that provide greater quality and durability.. Mallorcan doors and windows in aluminum and PVC in Mallorca allow you to have a wide variety of finishes in which you can find different colors.. These compounds are better prepared to withstand inclement weather and require less maintenance.. Besides, They provide great aesthetics to the facades, can be combined with the colors of the paint.

What advantages does installing these products provide??

Beyond aesthetics, there are a series of reasons to install this type of closure on your doors and windows.:

  • Isolation: By being able to regulate the flow of air, it allows you to cool the house in summer and improves thermal insulation.. Besides, works as an acoustic insulator by adding an extra element to the window area.
  • light regulator: Light entry is at your disposal in mobile models. This means providing protection to the interior of the room or having total darkness when necessary..
  • Simple maintenance: As they are made of PVC or aluminum, you will only need soap and water to keep them perfect..

Where can you get quality Mallorcan doors and windows?

To enjoy quality mallorquinas it is important to go to a specialized company such as Alumiglass. We will take care of the custom manufacturing of this product and giving you the best solution for your home.. We can carry out hinge installations for common size windows or use accordion-type sliding for large windows..

Mallorcan doors and windows are a great solution to protect your home from the weather and, at the same time, let the air circulate. There are two different models depending on the mobility of their slats and you can enjoy a wide variety of advantages. Made of resistant materials, These models will accompany you for many years.

If you need more information about Mallorcan doors and windows in aluminum and PVC, do not hesitate to contact us. contact us.

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